You Throw Like a Girl! Children’s Book

By Shelley Hayes with Illustrations by Emily Sears

Shelley Hayes, author, and CEO of Empowerment Inc., along with Emily Sears as Illustrator, are thrilled to announce the launch of You Throw Like a Girl! – an educational children’s picture book about empowerment.

You Throw Like a Girl! is inspired by years of hearing this and similar disempowering phrases. Shelley heard these phrases herself growing up and then heard them even more as she raised her two sons, who were both athletic.  Coaches, parents, and spectators alike would shout these words with venom with no regard to the impact they had on people of BOTH genders within earshot.

Below is the book description:
“When Chelsea and her cousin Sami are confronted with the phrase, “You Throw Like a Girl!” they learn about strength, resilience, and the pride of being a girl through reclaiming the phrase that, for generations, has intended to hurt girls and boys alike. Passing on some treasures and talents of their beloved Gram, the wise and loving Auntie Kim helps the girls reframe the common saying and state it proudly to overcome a bully, gain confidence, and celebrate fun with their friends.

A beautiful story for all children, this book illustrates how courage and empowerment open the door for happiness.”

Stay tuned for lesson plans and activity pages for teachers and parents to go with the book! 

For additional information or other inquiries, please contact Shelley Hayes by email: info[at] or phone 403.801.2488.

If you love Emily’s illustrations, you can see more of her work here:

Thank you!