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“An amazing session! We learned so much, and the speakers and padded attacker were outstanding. I highly recommend Empowerment Inc. to community groups, businesses/organizations, schools and post-secondary institutions!”


Laura Hambley, Ph.D., R. Psych., President and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Leadership Success Group


“I just want to thank you, I was in Las Vegas, not at the concert but staying at Mandalay Bay.  Very tense week. Horrific experience on Sunday night, but I truly believe the hour I spent with you and your basic lesson of being alert and assertive helped me during this time. I was able to make logical decisions and keep my head on straight. I had confidence and trusted my instincts during and after the most traumatic time in my life. Thank you, Lynn and Shelley.  Keep doing what you are doing, Women and girls need your confidence!”

Diane Jeffers, Camp Hoo Ha participant


“The session, “Break the Freeze” was a very enlightening experience for me. It felt like it opened up another dimension of women’s psychology, understanding how we as women operate inwards. The techniques learnt were very practical and simple to create boundaries in tough situations whether in ourselves or outwards. I highly recommend these sessions!”

IMG_0900 (002).png

Vartika Satija, CPA, CA, Chartered Professional Accountant


“Shelley’s intelligence, interpersonal skills, integrity and commitment to understanding life’s challenges at their deepest level make her a phenomenal coach. My time with her literally changed my life. Long after our last session, I’m still practicing the Self-sustaining habits she encouraged me to adopt, still exploring the insights I had in our time together, and still using the life skills I learned from her.”

Joan Hughes, CEM, CMVP, IEA, Energy and Water Manager, NASA Langley Research Center


"I wasn't even sure what I was searching for when I connected with Shelley. I just knew I wanted change in my life and wasn't certain where to start. She partnered with me through the process of creating healthy boundaries, releasing shame and anger from my past, and helped me find my voice and be compassionate with myself. With Shelley's help, I have been empowered to advocate for my self and others, to release the guilt that comes with self-care, and to dare to "play big" and "be seen."

In addition to my inner work, Shelley has been an incredible resource professionally. She has helped me to clarify my goals, narrow my focus and generate work for myself that feeds my soul and is aligned with my core values. 

Every session with Shelley is therapeutic and eye-opening. She listens deeply and asks questions with genuine curiosity. She's able to see the themes in our conversations and track the information I share with her and helps me to see the patterns in my life that I have been blind to or chosen to ignore. Shelley names the "elephant in the room" with an approach that is honest and kind.

Shelley offers a beautiful balance of inquiry and encouragement. She is gentle, patient, and direct, giving insightful feedback with genuine empathy." 

Rebekah Rubie

Red Lodge Body Works

“I want to say a really big thank you and what a great course it and was… so glad I got a chance to “feel” what it could be like in a situation if it ever happened. I do a lot of running alone and I feel like I am always aware but this had made me think a little more. I love what you are both doing and how you share the message, it made me think of how I would like to help empower people more…Thank you again.”

Jenny Rowe

Team Lead, Recreation Experience, Vivo


“I have known Shelley Hayes since 2012 in her role as Professional Coach. In her role as coach/mentor, she has been instrumental in my progress in multiple areas including professional development/leadership skills as well as in overall life skills and self-awareness. With her guidance and education, I have been able to work through several very difficult situations in my department and also to facilitate improvements in the day-to-day working relationships & the environment in my department. Most importantly, through utilizing knowledge and guidance gained via her coaching, I have seen major improvements in my personal life, health, and happiness and have gained the ability to develop better balance in my personal and professional lives. I heartily recommend Shelley Hayes in her role as Professional Coach!”

Kathleen Davis, MD, AAAAI, FACAAI

Department Chair, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, Billings Clinic


“On this journey, Shelley has become one of my main support systems who I can trust and rely on.  She is professional, and at the same time each session is relaxed and nurturing and I walk away feeling more confident and empowered.  I have always thought of myself being self-aware, however, Shelley offers new perceptions and insights on feelings and behaviours which resonate with me to shift in the direction I want to.

Shelley offers unique and individualized support.  Empowerment coaching is definitely helpful if you are with as compassionate and understanding a coach as Shelley is, and I recommend her to anyone who wants to make any positive change in their life!  Empowerment coaching has been a wonderful addition to my life!”


Candace Cowan

Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Dance Coach, Fly Fitness & Wellness Inc.


"The confidence and empowerment you have given my staff is priceless! Thank you for the fun and safe learning environment! Every company should have a team builder this powerful!"

Alysha Blazevic.PNG

Alysha Blazevic

General Manager, Cuff N’ Billy Club, Calgary Police Association

“Shelley is a rare and fortunate find for any company or individual. She strives to foster the best in others (and herself) on a daily basis.  Her ability to meet people where they are at in their own individual growth journeys – from personal empowerment to executive level leadership – is incredible.  She applies compassion, intuition, and an expansive repertoire of experience to each and every client she serves. I have grown both personally and professionally as a result of her mentorship and coaching. Her strengths-based philosophy encourages leaders and teams to embrace their authentic and true selves, which builds trust in teams and creates leaders who are best positioned to grow and mentor others. As a life long learner and highly motivated individual, her commitment to excellence is unwavering – but the ways in which she fosters excellence in others is truly an art.”

Megan Kongaika.jpg

Megan Kongaika

AVP Public Relations, Altana Federal Credit Union


“I am so Grateful that you created this opportunity! My daughters had an amazing experience! They valued all the information, and the care in which it was delivered. They practised some of their new moves when they got home. I chose to enrol them in your course, not out of fear rather from a place of empowerment. Which they received in abundance! Thank YOU!!”

Sherry Trentini.jpg

Sherry Trentini

Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist, SherryTrentini.com

"I had never taken a self defense class before, so I had no idea what to expect. The instructors were great -- friendly, informative, professional. There was a great balance of information and first-hand experience. We had lots of opportunity to practice, ask questions and make sure we were comfortable and confident with the skills we were learning. The instructors really encouraged us to get the most out of the experience as well as encouraging each other in the class. I loved watching everyone feel more confident as we realized these were skills that we could do and tools that work. This is a really wonderful course, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

LJ Lehr.jpg

L.J. Lehr

Independent Writing & Editing Professional, Laura-Jeanne.com


“From the time Shelley Hayes joined our organization in 2008, I was impressed with her strategic mindset, exceptional communication skills, drive and tenaciousness. She was hired to lead the corporate training program which was merely a concept before she arrived. She took the reins, and within a very short time, presented curriculum to support the corporate university model. Her positive, professional demeanor engendered the support of individuals at every level of the organization. She gained executive leadership endorsement for our training initiatives which was critical to the launch and long-term workforce development.

Shelley was an instrumental team member of the leadership group that introduced Gallup’s Strengths Finder assessment and Strengths training to our workforce. This work heavily influenced her strengths-based approach to personal and executive coaching, leading individuals to a higher level of performance. It is without reservation that I send this endorsement of Shelley as an organizational development professional and coach.”

LynAnn Henderson

Executive Vice President Business Development, EBMS, Inc.

“Shelley coached me through some challenging events and also used her skills to help me see things from a completely different perspective. That is the beauty of what she does. She has tools to help with growth and leadership.  I can honestly say that the time spent with Shelley was a tremendous benefit to me personally and professionally.

One area that we have worked hard on is team building within our leadership as well as our staff. Shelley led our leadership team through the Strengthsfinders so that we could identify our own strengths and understand those of our fellow leaders and how we complement each other.  This exercise helped our team to grow and improve how we communicate with each other and decide who might be the best person for certain projects given their strengths.  Shelley also facilitated some team building for all of our staff. She used liberating structures to make it meaningful and fun.

We were able to increase staff participation in departmental initiatives and effectively move our employee engagement scores from 78% in 2014, to 83.8% in 2015.”

Barb Sakahara RN, BSN, CNOR

Director, Billings Clinic Surgery Center, GI, Endo, and Radiology Nursing, Billings Clinic


I am a holistic personal trainer and movement expert. I am physically fit, and consider myself strong because I work out lots. Even so, walking by myself, and sometimes at night, I was feeling nervous and didn’t feel like I could handle an attack situation. I took the Empowered Warrior Self-Defense course offered by Empowerment Inc. and left with so many tools and takeaways. The simple and direct techniques we practiced are transferable and can be realistically applied to my life. I now feel like I am much better equipped to handle myself in a variety of situations, from attackers on their feet to attackers pinning me down. In combination with the life coaching we received I am feeling empowered to protect myself, and have developed more complete control over my life.


Candace Cowan

Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Dance Coach, Fly Fitness & Wellness Inc.

“Shelley is a talented leader who has a flair for motivating, encouraging, and calling people to action. Not only are her training sessions informative and thought-provoking, but she has also demonstrated her ability to strategize and create an overall “culture of learning” with her program. Her knack for communicating effectively with a diverse group of employees is hard to come by, and she is a great asset.”

Amanda Hannah

Manager of Occupational Health & Wellness at Billings Clinic, Billings Clinic


On the behalf of all the volunteers, I would like to thank you, as well as all the instructors for providing such an awesome training for us. It was amazing that we did not only learn plain techniques, but we also feel much more empowered. It was great that we also went through some of the case scenarios. I think that this will greatly reduce the probability of “freezing” when facing difficult situations.

Ha Nguyen

Campus Safewalk Administrator, SAITSA