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Taunya and Peyton Zipse, MTC, RPC, RYT, Conscious Journey Counselling


Sanya Chaudhry and Meaza Damte, Uplyft Youth Society for Domestic Abuse Awareness


Mel McKay, FounderCamp Hoo-Ha

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“An amazing session! We learned so much, and the speakers and padded attacker were outstanding. I highly recommend Empowerment Inc. to community groups, businesses/organizations, schools and post-secondary institutions!”

Laura Hambley, Ph.D., R. Psych., President and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Leadership Success Group

“I just want to thank you, I was in Las Vegas, not at the concert but staying at Mandalay Bay.  Very tense week. Horrific experience on Sunday night, but I truly believe the hour I spent with you and your basic lesson of being alert and assertive helped me during this time. I was able to make logical decisions and keep my head on straight. I had confidence and trusted my instincts during and after the most traumatic time in my life. Thank you, Lynn and Shelley.  Keep doing what you are doing, Women and girls need your confidence!”

Diane Jeffers, Camp Hoo Ha participant

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“The session, “Break the Freeze” was a very enlightening experience for me. It felt like it opened up another dimension of women’s psychology, understanding how we as women operate inwards. The techniques learnt were very practical and simple to create boundaries in tough situations whether in ourselves or outwards. I highly recommend these sessions!”

Vartika Satija, CPA, CA, Chartered Professional Accountant

“I want to say a really big thank you and what a great course it and was… so glad I got a chance to “feel” what it could be like in a situation if it ever happened. I do a lot of running alone and I feel like I am always aware but this had made me think a little more. I love what you are both doing and how you share the message, it made me think of how I would like to help empower people more…Thank you again.”

Jenny Rowe, Team Lead, Recreation Experience, Vivo

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"The confidence and empowerment you have given my staff is priceless! Thank you for the fun and safe learning environment! Every company should have a team builder this powerful!"

Alysha Blazevic, General Manager, Cuff N’ Billy Club, Calgary Police Association

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“I am so Grateful that you created this opportunity! My daughters had an amazing experience! They valued all the information, and the care in which it was delivered. They practised some of their new moves when they got home. I chose to enrol them in your course, not out of fear rather from a place of empowerment. Which they received in abundance! Thank YOU!!”

Sherry Trentini, Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist,

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"I had never taken a self defense class before, so I had no idea what to expect. The instructors were great -- friendly, informative, professional. There was a great balance of information and first-hand experience. We had lots of opportunity to practice, ask questions and make sure we were comfortable and confident with the skills we were learning. The instructors really encouraged us to get the most out of the experience as well as encouraging each other in the class. I loved watching everyone feel more confident as we realized these were skills that we could do and tools that work. This is a really wonderful course, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

L.J. Lehr, Independent Writing & Editing Professional,

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I am a holistic personal trainer and movement expert. I am physically fit, and consider myself strong because I work out lots. Even so, walking by myself, and sometimes at night, I was feeling nervous and didn’t feel like I could handle an attack situation. I took the Empowered Warrior Self-Defense course offered by Empowerment Inc. and left with so many tools and takeaways. The simple and direct techniques we practiced are transferable and can be realistically applied to my life. I now feel like I am much better equipped to handle myself in a variety of situations, from attackers on their feet to attackers pinning me down. In combination with the life coaching we received I am feeling empowered to protect myself, and have developed more complete control over my life.

Candace Cowan, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Dance Coach, Fly Fitness & Wellness Inc.

Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Dance Coach, Fly Fitness & Wellness Inc.

On the behalf of all the volunteers, I would like to thank you, as well as all the instructors for providing such an awesome training for us. It was amazing that we did not only learn plain techniques, but we also feel much more empowered. It was great that we also went through some of the case scenarios. I think that this will greatly reduce the probability of “freezing” when facing difficult situations.

Ha Nguyen, Campus Safewalk Administrator, SAITSA

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