Hi!  I’m Shelley Hayes, Chief Empowerment Officer.

My career and passions have always been focused on empowering women and teens in various forms. I started by teaching sex education, working with those living with HIV and doing LGBTQ advocacy work in northwestern U.S.  Social justice and making a lasting positive impact is a driving force for me. 

I then took my skills and passions into the corporate and healthcare sectors working as a leadership coach and organizational development professional. My joy in Empowerment Inc. is to partner with women and teen girls to equip them to be powerful negotiators, communicators and self-advocates.  We all deserve to ask for what we want in our careers, our relationships and in our lives!  I am a witness to the fact that when women and girls feel EMPOWERED and FREE to choose, speak up, and be powerful, their success skyrockets!  

Let’s connect!  I hope to meet you soon and learn more about what’s meaningful for you. Cheers to your empowerment!