Hi!  I’m Lynn MacDonald, Head Empowerment Warrior.

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to try three careers.  I wanted to join the military; become an Emergency Medical Technician and become a Police Officer.  I wanted to do these careers because I thought they were cool…I was right, they were and are cool!

Now, after 22+ years as a Police Officer, and 12 years of teaching personal safety, what I really find cool is teaching people how to be safer and more confident.  The world can be a big, scary place.  At Empowerment Inc. we have created a safe, patient and fun environment for you to learn.  Doing this work has become a powerful reminder that I must continue to gently remind people of women’s struggles and continue to lift women up and help them find their space in the world.

I hope to see your brave, warrior self in one of our upcoming courses!