Empowerment Talks & Workshops

 Our talks and workshops are perfect for . . .


Corporations – team building, events

Groups –  Professional, Student, Clubs

Non-Profits – Safety for your members

Schools -the power of language & personal safety

Fitness & Dance Studios


Our Talks

Engage our Empowerment experts to speak at a business event, keynote address, lunch and learn, club function or other location to spark courageous conversations about assertiveness and self-defence.  We will always speak from an empowering approach filled with knowledge and hope – not fear tactics.

And, we have FUN.  While our speakers are experts on these topics that seem heavy, we know how to laugh and have fun in the process.  Read our testimonial page to see what others have enjoyed about our work.



Popular Topics:

  • Assertive communication
  • Physical self-defense
  • De-escalation and crisis management
  • Boundaries and healthy conflict
  • Safety and negotiation in the workplace
  • Addressing bullying
  • Creating psychologically safe & highly effective teams


Other Requested Topics:

  • Runner’s Safety
  • Business Travel Safety
  • Hotel Safety for Employees
  • Safe Dating
  • Campus Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Physical Attacks
  • Crime Prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Survival Mindset
  • Practical Protection & Defense Tactics


Our Workshops

Our workshops include a talk plus the addition of beginner or more advanced hands-on self-defense techniques.

We are able to customize our workshops to meet the needs of your group.

Teen Empowerment Programs

Providing girls with tools and skills for self-care and protection within the full spectrum of assertiveness and personal safety is essential.

Here are a few facts from the Canadian Women’s Foundation that illustrate why it is so important to do the work of empowering and equipping all girls to be confident and resilient:

  • In Grade 6, 36% of girls say they are self-confident, but by Grade 10 this has plummeted to only 14%.

  • From a young age, girls are socialized to “be nice” and to behave passively in response to conflict. Experts and survivors say the pressure to be polite is so ingrained that it can make speaking up about assault or harassment very difficult.

“Empowerment Inc were the first speakers I booked for my new social club and they blew the roof off the joint! They were so much fun, offered such great information and left a room full of women feeling like fully empowered heroes. Thank you Empowerment Inc…campers can’t wait to have you back!”

Melanie McKay

Founder, Camp Hoo-Ha