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Curious about Assertiveness and Empowerment Coaching?  I’m excited to share some of the wonderful results our clients are reporting and how we are supporting them!

How does this happen?

We typically start with a 6 Month Empowerment Coaching Program, which includes:

  • 2 coaching sessions per month, held via phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype
  • Unlimited text/email/laser calls
  • Introductory 90-minute Empowerment Planning session
  • Individualized personality profiles and assessments
  • Developing a tangible and practical plan for holistic life balance
  • Customized exercises, action plans, and reading assignments
  • Includes topics such as Assertiveness, Confidence, Imposter Syndrome, Leadership Development, and Healing from Trauma
  • Personalized approach to mindfulness, presence, and staying centered

We will work together to achieve your goals which in turn supports you in feeling more empowered. I will challenge you to live out your values and reach your potential based on your agenda, your values, and your initiative.  I provide support, accountability, perspective, and offer tangible and practical resources for your individual goals. Much of this work happens from the inside out, AND I strongly believe in providing real tools and practical resources to make your life more effective and empowered overall.  Request a consultation to learn how coaching can support your goals.

Women like you are experiencing powerful results!
For example…

Personally, they…

  • Feel more safe, confident and empowered: body, mind, and spirit
  • Connect to their instincts, intuition, and soul insights
  • Practice assertive communication skills, body language & behaviors
  • Deepen their ability to be present
  • Heal layers of past trauma
  • Experience less stress and more inner/outer alignment and integrity
  • Achieve higher levels of emotional intelligence
  • Learn to trust themselves in new and significant ways
  • Increase the level of trust and intimacy in their relationships
  • Clearly state their wants, needs, and feelings
  • Create a deeper sense of peace and mindfulness in their lives
  • Hold healthy boundaries for themselves and others

Professionally, they…

  • Negotiate for higher salaries or rates with increased confidence
  • Exercise more control over their professional and personal lives
  • Embody powerful leadership skills throughout their lives
  • Step confidently into difficult conversations
  • Share their opinions with clarity, effectiveness, and compassion
  • Objectively hold people accountable with kindness and compassion
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome and know their worth and value
  • Get noticed and taken seriously when needed
  • Increase their ability to interact with difficult family members, friends or colleagues
  • Confidently take the reins of projects or leadership roles
  • Maintain respectful and caring relationships with others
  • Obtain powerful leadership skills to achieve their goals
  • Create healthy, results-oriented teams at work and in personal endeavors
  • Overcome self-doubts
  • Live from their core values, professionally and personally
  • Gain greater clarity of who they are and where they are heading
  • Take effective and focused actions easily
  • Create momentum so that it’s easier to get results

Doesn’t that sound FANTASTIC?  The women I work with are SO inspiring and are making a huge impact in the world.

I’m excited to bring the knowledge and skills I have gained from 16 years experience in Leadership, Executive Coaching, and Leadership/Organizational Development.  I had many successful years in the not-for-profit industry and then transitioned into the for-profit and healthcare realms where my MBA, MMGT, and Certified Coaching Certificate allowed me to lead corporate university efforts and improve employee culture and engagement at many levels. I’ve specialized in teaching leaders and individuals of all levels and backgrounds about assertive communication, bullying prevention, how to have difficult conversations, holding healthy boundaries, conflict resolution & de-escalation, and personal accountability.  These topics all tie beautifully into making the world a more kind, compassionate and safe place.

Would you like to learn more?  I’d love to visit with you about your specific goals and how to partner with you in achieving these results in YOUR life.  Let’s Talk!

Schedule time on my calendar on this page, or, reach out by email or phone.  I can’t wait to hear all about you.  

OR…If you are Ready for Results today, click on the button below to purchase your 6 or 12 month coaching package.  

Cheers to YOUR Empowerment!

"I wasn't even sure what I was searching for when I connected with Shelley. I just knew I wanted change in my life and wasn't certain where to start. She partnered with me through the process of creating healthy boundaries, releasing shame and anger from my past, and helped me find my voice and be compassionate with myself. With Shelley's help, I have been empowered to advocate for my self and others, to release the guilt that comes with self-care, and to dare to "play big" and "be seen."
In addition to my inner work, Shelley has been an incredible resource professionally. She has helped me to clarify my goals, narrow my focus and generate work for myself that feeds my soul and is aligned with my core values. 
Every session with Shelley is therapeutic and eye-opening. She listens deeply and asks questions with genuine curiosity. She's able to see the themes in our conversations and track the information I share with her and helps me to see the patterns in my life that I have been blind to or chosen to ignore. Shelley names the "elephant in the room" with an approach that is honest and kind.
Shelley offers a beautiful balance of inquiry and encouragement. She is gentle, patient, and direct, giving insightful feedback with genuine empathy." 
Rebekah Rubie

Red Lodge Body Works

Connect with Shelley at the links below:

Phone at 403-801-2488 or use our contact form to ask questions.

“Shelley’s intelligence, interpersonal skills, integrity and commitment to understanding life’s challenges at their deepest level make her a phenomenal coach. My time with her literally changed my life. Long after our last session, I’m still practicing the Self-sustaining habits she encouraged me to adopt, still exploring the insights I had in our time together, and still using the life skills I learned from her.”

Joan Hughes, CEM, CMVP, IEA

Energy and Water Manager, NASA Langley Research Center

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