She was at the Mandalay Bay

We received this email after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas – it fills our hearts and fuels our passion so we wanted to share here as well.  Sending LOVE and EMPOWERMENT to the world!

“Hi Ladies, member of Camp Hoo-Ha here 

Just want to thank you, I was in Las Vegas this week, not at the concert but staying at Mandalay Bay.

Very tense week. Horrific experience on Sunday night, but I truly believe the hour I spent with you and your basic lesson of be alert and assertive helped me during this time. I was able to make logic decisions and keep my head on straight.

Yes, I was most likely deemed a bitch by strangers and family, but I had confidence and trusted my instincts during and after the most traumatic time in my life.

Thank you Lynn and Shelley.
Keep doing what you are doing, Women and girls need your confidence!”


Shelley HayesComment