Is it hard for you to say no?

Many high performing professionals struggle to have healthy boundaries at work and in their personal lives. Is hard for you to say no? I realize that sometimes we feel like we can't say no at work when projects or tasks are assigned to us or when we work in companies that demand extremely high performances from employees. And, it is still important to be assertive in taking care of yourself and those on your teams.

I've had many coaching conversations with clients who have long lists of things they 'HAVE' to do. I often ask, "Or what will happen?" Many high achievers have adopted quite a few fear messages about what might happen if they don't complete their tasks or don't please their boss, and their bosses boss. While a bit of pressure to succeed can be motivating, adopting fearful messages just increases your stress level and affects your life overall. One way to stay grounded in a balanced perspective is to ask yourself, "In five years, or at the end of my life, how important will this seem?"

Or, for those who are great at being teased, I'll ask, "What are they going to do, take away your birthday?" This, of course, is a silly question but we need to remind ourselves to take some things less seriously. If EVERYTHING is urgent and essential and a priority, then really nothing is...

At Empowerment Inc, we talk about boundaries a ton with our Self-Defense and Empowerment course participants and with coaching clients. We've also created an Empowered Warrior Boundary Guide you can sign up to download here, for free. Self-Care and Self-Defense Start with Boundaries!

What ways do you assert yourself in order to retain a semblance of balance and self-care? Or what do you struggle with in terms of healthy boundaries?

Shelley HayesComment