Assertiveness Coaching

It’s time for you to be a powerful negotiator, communicator and self-advocate.  You are ready!

Feeling powerful is important at three levels – physical, emotional and psychological. I strongly believe in the power of equipping you with skills and practical resources to create lasting change.  You can’t fake feeling powerful for long, but once you have the visceral experience of your own power, you’ll never be the same.

Your 1:1 coaching is packed full of powerful learning and skill building, such as:

  • Knowledge sharing and activities in Assertiveness, Difficult Conversations, Boundaries, Dysfunctional Family Dynamics, Confidence, Impostor Syndrome, Leadership Development, Power Dynamics and Healing from Trauma

  • Helping you decide what you truly want and deserve

  • Preparing you for powerful negotiations at work and in your personal life

  • A personalized approach to meaningful self-advocacy

  • Individualized personality profiles and assessments

  • A tangible and practical plan to achieve your desires

  • Customized exercises, action plans, and reading assignments

Specifically, a 6 month program includes the following:


I’d love to be the one to have your back!

What would be different in your life if you knew how to be assertive and powerful? What would you be able to accomplish? You’ve already done a TON, I know. And, think how it would be to have a partner in your corner cheering you on, sharing practical strategies, and helping you GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT. I’m Shelley, and I’m 110% dedicated to you feeling powerful in all areas of your life. Yes, You CAN, and it’s time. 

Let’s let my 18 + years of experience be of service to you! I’ve been through climbing the ladder… succeeded at it too - first as an intern, then a program supervisor, on up to executive director. I learned so much, the hard way, by trudging along and figuring it out on my own. Then, I caught the leadership bug and a passion for finding strengths in everyone around me and built on that as an executive coach and leadership/organizational development professional.  I loved my years in the not-for-profit industry and corporate and healthcare realms!

Now, let’s put all of this experience in the trenches and on top of the glass ceiling to work for YOU. Do you want to learn how to cultivate a better work environment? I’ve led corporate university efforts and improved employee culture and engagement. Are you wanting to know how to be a leader at work? I’ve specialized in teaching leaders and individuals of all levels and backgrounds about assertive communication, effective difficult conversations, healthy boundaries, powerful negotiation skills, conflict resolution and de-escalation. Want to know how to ask for what you want at home AND not feel guilty about it? I’ve got you covered there too. We can do this together. You CAN do this. And, I’d love to help. Schedule a call now to learn more - let’s do this! 

Shelley Hayes, MBA, MMGT, CPC

CO-FOUNDER AND CEO of Empowerment Inc

Clients Say It Best…


“Shelley’s intelligence, interpersonal skills, integrity and commitment to understanding life’s challenges at their deepest level make her a phenomenal coach. My time with her literally changed my life. Long after our last session, I’m still practicing the Self-sustaining habits she encouraged me to adopt, still exploring the insights I had in our time together, and still using the life skills I learned from her.”

Joan Hughes, CEM, CMVP, IEA, Energy and Water Manager, NASA Langley Research Center

“Shelley coached me through some challenging events and also used her skills to help me see things from a completely different perspective. That is the beauty of what she does. She has tools to help with growth and leadership.  I can honestly say that the time spent with Shelley was a tremendous benefit to me personally and professionally.

We were able to increase staff participation in departmental initiatives and effectively move our employee engagement scores from 78% in 2014, to 83.8% in 2015.”

Barb Sakahara RN, BSN, CNOR, Director, Billings Clinic Surgery Center, GI, Endo, and Radiology Nursing, Billings Clinic



Negotiate for higher salaries or rates with increased confidence

Exercise more control over your professional life

Embody powerful leadership skills throughout your career

Step confidently into difficult conversations

Share your opinions with clarity, effectiveness, and compassion

Objectively hold people accountable with kindness and compassion

Overcome Imposter Syndrome and know your worth and value

Confidently take the reins of projects or leadership roles

Create healthy, results-oriented teams at work and in personal endeavours

Gain greater clarity of who you are and where you are heading


Feel more safe, confident and empowered: body, mind, and spirit

Increase your ability to interact with difficult family members, friends or colleague

Hold healthy boundaries for yourself and others

Connect to your instincts, intuition, and soul insights

Practice assertive communication skills, body language & behaviours

Heal layers of past trauma

Experience less stress and more inner/outer alignment and integrity

Achieve higher levels of emotional intelligence

Learn to trust in yourself

Increase the level of trust and intimacy in your relationships

Clearly state your wants, needs, and feelings

Create a deeper sense of peace and mindfulness in your life


Would you like to learn more?  I’d love to visit with you about your specific goals and how to partner with you in achieving these results in YOUR life.  Let’s Talk!