We are an assertiveness and self-defence coaching and training company.  We believe transformational empowerment must include mental, emotional and physical components.

Here’s how we do it…

Want to Work with Us?  Here are a few ways to get started.

Self Defense Calgary


Book a Corporate or Private Course. Our range of Self Defense & Assertiveness courses support your full empowerment.  We combine the most current & best aspects of self-defense, personal development, & coaching.
Self Defense Calgary


Connect one-on-one with an expert Assertiveness & Empowerment coach who will be your partner and guide in delving deeper into empowering yourself body, mind, and spirit.
Self Defense Calgary


Engage our Empowerment experts to speak at a business event, club function, or other location to spark courageous conversations and motivate teams to take bold steps toward success.
Self Defense Calgary


View resources and purchase the tools we use and recommend to support you in living your life fully empowered.  We add to this list frequently so check back often.