Book our foundation, 4 hour course, 1 - 10 people.

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Book our foundation, 4 hour course, 11 - 20 people.

"I had never taken a self defense class before, so I had no idea what to expect. The instructors were great -- friendly, informative, professional. There was a great balance of information and first-hand experience. We had lots of opportunity to practice, ask questions and make sure we were comfortable and confident with the skills we were learning. The instructors really encouraged us to get the most out of the experience as well as encouraging each other in the class. I loved watching everyone feel more confident as we realized these were skills that we could do and tools that work. This is a really wonderful course, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

L.J. Lehr

Independent Writing & Editing Professional,

“I am so Grateful that you created this opportunity! My daughters had an amazing experience! They valued all the information, and the care in which it was delivered. They practised some of their new moves when they got home. I chose to enrol them in your course, not out of fear rather from a place of empowerment. Which they received in abundance! Thank YOU!!”

Sherry Trentini

Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist,

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